Therapy Fees

Fees are based on income. Not including initial consultation

Individual Therapy - fees per session

Individual therapy is normally once weekly and lasts 50 minutes.

Annual gross income Fee Per Session
£40 -49,000 £80.00
£50,000 - £60,000 £90.00
£61,000 and above £110


Couples Therapy - fees per session

Couples therapy is normally once weekly and lasts 50 minutes.

Joint gross income Fee Per Session
£70 - 79,000 £100.00
£80,000 and above £120.00

The above is a guide to fees and is dependent upon circumstances. If special circumstances prevail please discuss this with the therapist.


  • Payment is by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
  • Terms are 7 days from receipt of invoice with the exception of the initial consultation which is due upon presentation.
  • Fee rates are reviewed annually and are notified in advance
  • Invoices are presented monthly unless otherwise agreed.


Cancellation Policy

The standard practice in psychoanalytic psychotherapy of charging for missed or cancelled sessions is adopted unless otherwise agreed. There are usually three holiday breaks per annum at Christmas, Easter and during the summer. This policy is undertaken as therapy is a commitment by both parties and as such the session time is exclusively allocated to the client and not normally re-allocated in the event of absence.

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